BOSS Jam 2014

Last weekend our College arranged a game jam and two friends and I decided to join just for the fun of it. It was an absolute blast and we actually managed to come in at second place out of ten!

The theme of the game jam was “Inkorrekt val” or “Incorrect choice” in english. The swedish word “val” can mean both “choice”, “whale”, and “election” depending on the context, so we decided to make a political simulator.

You play as one of four candidates during the presidential election period, but all of the candidates are corrupted down to the bone and will rather spend their election period and budget on digging up dirt on the other candidates and making them look bad than actually run an honest campaign.

The game starts out at the begining of the campaign and lasts for seven days. During this time you as a player will need to make sure that your popularity is at its peak once the campaign ends.

Download “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.